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D.O.T. permit specialist and more…

City Pro Inc. prides itself in being one of the first companies to specialize in obtaining NYC Dept. of Transportation permits. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we provide a full range of services. Whether your doing a simple sidewalk repair or building a new building, we have the experience to get your D.O.T. applications rapidly through the permit process.

Due to its high visibility and proximity to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, sidewalk and roadway work requires special attention. We strive to give this work the special attention it deserves.

Let us consult with you on your project and come away feeling secure in knowing you will have all the required D.O.T. permits, eliminating your exposure to costly violations.

City Pro Inc.   100 Guernsey St Brooklyn, N.Y. 11222    Phone: 212 571 2075    Fax: 212 571 2076